SOUNDHOTEL and the world rushed in
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SOUNDHOTEL Sweet Bird Of Youth Single
SOUNDHOTEL Leave it there Single

BETWEEN LOVE AND DISASTER (2006) Remastered 2022

SOUNDHOTEL – More than Magnificent (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Between Love and Disaster (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Settle Down (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Chameleon (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Telling Myself (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Come closer (Remastered)


01 Wish on the wind (3:20)
02 More than magnificent (3:49)
03 Between love and disaster (4:15)
04 Settle down (3:06)
05 Is love enough? (3:16)
06 Chameleon (3:04)
07 Telling myself (3:45)
08 Come closer (3:31)
09 Heavenly (3:08)
10 It is what it is (5:16)
11 Without even trying (4:41)
12 End of an affair (5:09)
13 Paris – SF (4:41)
14 Slipping away (3:30)
15 Without even trying ( outro ) (0:44)

All songs composed by Emmanuel Obeya & Andreas Bitesnich

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SOUNDHOTEL – It is what it is
SOUNDHOTEL – Without even trying
SOUNDHOTEL – End of an affair
SOUNDHOTEL – Slipping away
SOUNDHOTEL – End of an affair

YOUR PLACE (2004) Remastered 2022

SOUNDHOTEL – Wonderful (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Second time around (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Reason (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – It all melts away (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Beautiful day (Remastered)


01 Wonderful (Remastered) (3:22)
02 Second time around (4:22)
03 Reason (Remastered) (4:54)
04 It all melts away (Remastered) (4:10)
05 Beautiful day (Remastered) (4:40)
06 Quiet man (Remastered) (4:01)
07 Freedom (Remastered) (3:34)
08 Stay a while (Remastered) (4:05)
09 It’s not the same (Remastered) (5:03)
10 Me reloaded (Back to me) (Remastered) (4:24)
11 Symphony (Remastered) (2:40)
12 Your place (Remastered) (4:17)
13 Over now (Remastered) (3:58)
14 Wonderful (Acoustic Version) (Remastered) (3:12)

All songs composed by Emmanuel Obeya & Andreas Bitesnich
except track 11 by Marvin Gaye & William “Smokey” Robinson


SOUNDHOTEL – Quiet man (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – It’s not the same (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Me reloaded (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Symphony (Remastered)
SOUNDHOTEL – Your place (Remastered)

LIVE IN VIENNA (Room5Records 2007)


SOUNDHOTEL – Wish on the wind (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Heavenly (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Beautiful day (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Wonderful (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – It’s not the same (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Slipping away (live)


01 Wish on the wind (Live) (4:22)
02 Heavenly (Live) (3:43)
03 Beautiful day (Live) (4:48)
04 Wonderful (Live) (3:40)
05 Is love enough ? (Live) (3:54)
06 End of an affair (Live) (5:28)
07 It’s not the same (Live) (5:15)
08 Slipping away (Live) (3:35)
09 Paris – SF (Live) (4:41)
10 Come closer (Live) (3:35)
11 Telling myself (Live) (3:52)
12 Settle down (Live) (3:13)
13 Without even trying (Live) (5:50)
14 Between love and disaster (Live) (4:55)
15 Second time around (Live acoustic) (1:51)

All songs composed by Emmanuel Obeya & Andreas Bitesnich

Live musicians:

Mani Obeya – Vocals
Andreas Bitesnich – Guitar & Keyboards
Michael Lindner – Guitar & Keyboards
Stephan Kolber – Bass
Wolfgang Luckner – Drums
Flip Philipp – Vibraphone
Yasmin El-Ganady – Backing vocals
Irene Schaur – Backing vocals
Petra Pipus – Backing vocals
Yasmin – Backing vocals

SOUNDHOTEL – Paris – SF (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Come closer (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Telling myself (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Settle down (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Without even trying (live)
SOUNDHOTEL – Between love and disaster (live)


SOUNDHOTEL – I’ll take care of you (unpublished demo)
Brook Benton © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

SOUNDHOTEL – Chameleon (demo) from Between Love And Disaster



LIVE 2004 – 2006


Photography by: Wolf Dieter Grabner, Max Moser, Emil Bilinski, Irene Schaur, Conny de Beauclair



SOUNDHOTEL is the musical collaboration of dancer, choreographer and songwriter Mani Obeya and photographer, director, artist and producer Andreas H. Bitesnich.
A chance encounter in 2003 quickly resulted in their surprisingly successful first album Your Place, published by Universal Music in 2004.
What unites all songs is an infectious melody that immediately moves the soul and warms the spirit.
The wide stylistic range of both musicians is evident in sweet soul numbers like Is Love Enough? and ballads like End Of An Affair right through to more classic pop numbers like Wonderful, Beautiful day, Between Love And Disaster and the groovy 70’s-influenced Without Even Trying.
The music and lyrics were often composed spontaneously during evening jam sessions with Obeya’s voice and Bitesnich on acoustic guitar.

The SOUNDHOTEL recordings and live performances were musically enriched by the following artists: Bassist Peter Gruber, multi instrumentalist Michael Lindner, Wolfgang Luckner on drums, and jazz and symphony orchestra musician Flip Philip on Vibraphone. Singer Vera Böhnisch and Papermoon bassist Cathi Friedmann also lent their talents as backing singers.

After taking a break for several Years SOUNDHOTEL “reopened” 2019. At a time, when the world was forced to a standstill, Mani and Andreas started writing more intensively and new recording sessions began.
Resulting in LEAVE IT THERE as the first title of the forthcoming album AND THE WORLD RUSHED IN.
Scheduled for publication summer 2023.

“There is always that magic when we get together to create music.”

SOUNDHOTEL is music for your soul.